About Me

Hi, I am Julia!

I am using machine learning and computational statistics for climate science and the cryosphere. Currently, I am doing my M.Sc. in Computer Science at the McGill University and at Mila under the supervision of Prof. David Rolnick.

Previously, I have been an intern at the CliMA Team at Caltech supervised by Lenka Novak, where I worked on optimizing the tracking and prediction of extratropical cyclones. I also gained experience in using machine learning for snow physics during my bachelor thesis. Together with Viviane Clay, Dr. Martin Schneebeli and Amy Macfarlane I worked on automatic snow classification at the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF in Switzerland. I obtained my B.Sc. Cognitive Science at the Osnabrück University.

In my extra-curricular activities I am focusing on giving something back to nature and our community. I have been a volunteer at Greenpeace for several years, trying to give our planet a voice. In 2021, I founded the non-profit initiative Our Dialogue together with Sara-Estelle Gößwein. We are the first non-profit social startup that has ever been awarded the Mila Startup status (2022) for our educational project “Our Dialogue About AI”. Currently, I am co-organizing the charity conference AI Helps Ukraine with other students at Mila.

I am a DeepMind scholar, received the Mitacs Globalink Research Fellowship, and I am a fellow of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation.

My biggest dream is to see the Arctic with my own eyes - as long as we still can.